Palm Removal in Auckland

Arborist360 owns one of the largest yet very compact knuckle boom cranes in Auckland, this innovative piece of equipment is the best weapon when removing palm trees in Auckland. We simply pull up to your property, complete our site risk assessment and discuss the task at hand with all staff, following a quick setup and then, lift the entire palm out and dispose of it, making palm removal Safer and a lot cheaper with unparalleled safety and greater peace of mind.

Palm tree removal

Do you have palm trees that are too big, starting to decay, causing a mess or that you simply want to remove from your property? Removing palms can be hazardous, as they can cause damage or infection and harbour pests like rats and possums. Arborist360 specialise in Palm tree removal.

What to expect when using Arborist360 palm tree removal service.

  • Qualified arborist with fully insured industry leading technology and an outstanding safety record.
  • Arborist360 specialises in phoenix palm and Washington palm removal in Auckland. Our clients choose us for our industry leading equipment, and sharp prices with uncompromised safety and efficiency. Simply put we are the best equipped palm removal service in Auckland.
  • Free no obligation quotes for palm tree removal, we service North shore, South Auckland, West Auckland and Central Auckland. Arborist360 palm tree removal.
  • We can meet all your palm removal and palm trimming deadlines, leaving your property clean and tidy with minimal to no impact, we also work with the local council to check protection of the trees on your property and we abide by all the legal and statutory requirements.

There is no palm that we cannot access and no palm too big or too small! No matter what the difficulties or complications, we have the right equipment to suit your requirements. For a free, no obligation palm tree removal quote, call Arborist360 today.

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"So fast and easy. No mess was left at the property and we felt very confident throughout."

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