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Arborist360 has a solution for Auckland’s growing demand in finding qualified arborists.

By investing in the first ‘Tree Mek’ knuckle boom crane with grapple saw, we know we are directly addressing a serious need for a safer and faster way to remove difficult and dangerous trees. No climbers and ropes needed in most situations, reduces the amount of staff and equipment companies dedicate to difficult and complex tree removals in Auckland, and also the amount of experience, equipment and staff required to take on bigger and more complex jobs.

As qualified arborists with over 10years of experience, our goal is to provide cost-effective tree removal solutions to other tree companies and in doing so, supporting the industry. We have the most advanced equipment available in the industry today.

Our aim is simple, when you contract our service, we will safely cut the tree down, while representing your firm with our remote-controlled fleet, stack the brush and remove the logs, or leave them for our customers to deal with.

This method is much cheaper and safer than could be done by means of climbing and or traditional crane removal practice and without the associated risk.

Difficult trees that require advance rigging, or crane jobs can now be done in half the time. Simply put, they will only need to send along a chipping crew, allowing them to run multiple jobs with the same infrastructure they have now.

Allowing our customers to grow to the next level without the worries associated with putting a climber in a high difficulty situation, dead or dying trees, or finding a trained capable arborist along with all the health and safety regulations and risk related to this.

From the time we set up, to when we leave your site with the brush stacked, we will take full responsibility for the removal process and the risk attached to it.

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