Safety and Compliance

The Arborist360 team is committed to ensuring the safety and health of everyone directly or indirectly involved in our operations, this includes all workers, members of the public, contractors and others at our workplaces. We will comply with all relevant Health and Safety legislation, Approved Codes of Practice, Best Practice Guides and Regulations applicable to all our activities.

Everyone is responsible for health and safety and is expected to share in our commitment to avoid all accidents and incidents, which may cause personal injury, property damage, loss or harm of any kind. Everyone is responsible for reporting any near miss, incident or injury that occurs during operations.

Every employee is always expected to act and behave in a safe manner to ensure their own welfare, the welfare of their fellow employees and others in the workplace.

We will ensure the safety of our employees by:

  • Providing and maintaining a safe working environment
  • Providing facilities for health and safety
  • Ensuring all plant and equipment is safe
  • Ensuring all employees (including any mobile workers), and other people at (or in the vicinity) of the place of work are not exposed to unmanaged or uncontrolled hazards
  • Developing and implementing emergency and evacuation procedures

To achieve this we will:

  • Systematically identify and control all hazards and risks in our workplace. Where significant hazards and risks have been identified, we will take all practicable steps to put the appropriate controls in place to prevent any injury or damage.
  • Inform all employees of these hazards and risks and the controls.
  • Ensure all employees are properly trained and supervised.
  • Inform all employees of emergency and evacuation procedures.
  • Record all incidents and accidents in our workplace and take all practicable steps to prevent these events from happening.
  • Carry out planned self-inspections to monitor health and safety issues.
  • Ensure all employees are given reasonable opportunities to participate effectively in ongoing processes for the improvement of health and safety in our workplace.

We have achieved PreQual certification thus ensuring that our Health and Safety documentation and practices meet current legislative requirements. With a PreQual certification in place our clients can be assured that our Health and Safety systems and processes meet all necessary requirement giving them peace of mind that our operations are carried out safely and to a high standard.

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